Install Videos


1. Sizing Hot Water System

Just as important as installing a system correctly, is sizing it correctly. Too small and there is not enough hot water, too large and your quote may come out substantially higher than the next plumber, which generally = lost job!

2. Getting Started

This video gives you an overview of what is required BEFORE heading to site to ensure a complete installation and potentially avoid down-time during the day!

3. Decommissioning Tank

How to remove an existing tank safely to prepare for installation of the Apricus solar ready tank.

4. Apricus Tank Base Preparation

How to prepare a suitable base for the Apricus solar hot water storage tank.

5. Pump Station Installation

How to install the Apricus pump station, which includes the controller and hot water circulation pump.

6. Running Pipework

Pipework must be installed correctly to ensure trouble free, long term operation of the system. This video explains the best way to run flow and return solar pipework.

7. Frame & Manifold Assembly

THIS VIDEO IS BEING UPDATED AND NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.  Apricus systems are light-weight and easy to install. This video details how to install the manifold and framework and secure on a tin or tile roof.

8. Manifold Connection

How to connect the flow and return pipework to the solar hot water manifold.

9. Commissioning - Stage 1

How to begin commissioning the solar hot water system and remove any air from the solar loop, set correct flow rate and identify any leaks.

10. Installing Apricus Tubes

How to prepare and install Apricus solar tubes into the manifold correctly and efficiently.

11. Commissioning - Stage 2

How to read the Apricus controller, and check the system is working correctly prior to leaving the site.


12. Extending a Sensor Cable

How to extend the Apricus sensor cables for longer pipe runs.

13. Connecting Two Manifolds

How to join multiple manifolds together, used for 40 or 44 Tube Apricus collectors.

14. Controller Settings

Overview of the basic controller settings and an explanation of what the standard settings mean.

15. Completing Paperwork

Step by step guide on how to complete the warranty, STC Rebate forms, and in Victoria the VEEC's.
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